Mis mexicanos…

It’s funny that we the younger generation of Mexicans who were born in Mexico or here in the United States love, love, love going back to Mexico. It’s a magnet type of thing. We go whenever we have a vacation from school or work…just whenever we have the opportunity to do so. We get away from society here in the “U.S.” all the people, school, or work. We enjoy every second of every minute of when we’re in our homeland. The beautiful places we have out there. We enjoy every breath of fresh air, & let nature soak in. WE enjoy spending time with our families, drinking and partying it up. & That last day that we’re in Mexico, is the saddest day…we must come back to what is: reality. School, Work, People…..and just wait and hope for the next time we’ll be able to go back again. Anyone feel like this…because I know I do.

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    i cry everytime i have to come back! i’m just waiting to graduate to go live down there for a year ^_^ ~ como Mexico no...
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    And then there are those Mexicans who don’t like going back. Se sienten muy Americanos, and I will never understand...
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    The only down side of Mexico, is that everyone knows your business Other then that, I wish I could of stayed longer. I...
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    Well I wasn’t born in mexico but these are my feelings….exactly!
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    ^ yup thats me when i go to mexico i hate when my family tells me goodbye y me dan la bendicion mis abuelitos every...
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    so true, that feeling when you’re driving away from your relatives’ house and watching them wave good-bye is...